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Active holiday and culture in Calasetta

Fill your active holiday in Sardinia with culture and tradition. Discover locations and special events in southern Sardinia.

The Nuraghi of Sant’Antioco

There are currently 30 identifiable Nuraghes throughout the territory of the Island of Sant’Antioco. These also were used to control lands that were most fertile and rich in pastures, such as the valley of “Triga” and the plain of “Canai”, or as watch towers on the coast. Fire was used to communicate from nuraghe to nuraghe.
Examples of these nuraghes are: from “S’Ega de Marteddu” to Maladroxia, which controlled the Gulf of Palmas – “Feminedda” at the “Canai Fountain” – “Grutt’acqua” – “CorongiuMurvonis” – “Noccus”, in the centre of the island. Several of these still preserve traces of nuragic villages.

The Historical and Environmental Geo-mining Park of Sardinia

The Park offers the opportunity to approach a cultural heritage that can fully revive the charm of this epopee.
The different working cultures that firstly characterized the agricultural and pastoral world, and then the mining one, are evoked in the many festivals and celebrations where common traditions are preserved. Iglesias (CI) Tel +39 0781255066

Coal Museum

The mining site of Serbariu, active from 1937 to 1964, characterized the economy of Sulcis and, between the 1930s and 1950s, represented one of the most important energy resources of Italy. The complex was recovered and refurbished for museum and teaching purposes. The project for the recovery and development of the site made buildings and mining structures accessible, which today form the Coal Museum.
Museo del Carbone Tel. +(39) 0781 62727 – +(39) 0781 670591

Grottos di Is Zuddas

The grottos of Is Zuddas are located in southwestern Sardinia in the municipality of Santadi, about 50 km from Calasetta, and are a splendid underground scenario created by the incessant action of the water. Loc. Is Zuddas, Santadi Carbonia-Iglesias, +(39) 0781 955741


This event, which focuses on an international culinary competition based on tuna, welcomes gourmands and connoisseurs to Carloforte, in order to promote the ancient tradition of tuna traps that is still used today and has been handed down orally from “rais” to “rais” (tn. head of tuna fishing operations) , and from “tonnaroto” to “tonnaroto” (tn. tuna fisherman). Four days of unique events related to cultural traditions, art, wine and food, music and entertainment, conferences and debates to celebrate the ancient tradition and culture of tuna, which has always been historically tied to the territory.
This year, the 11th edition of the “Girotonno” will be held in Carloforte, from May 30th to June 2nd, on the island of San Pietro (Carbonia-Iglesias), in southwestern Sardinia.

Feasts and Festivals in Calasetta and Sant’Antioco
June 9th: St. Pietro e Paolo (Saints Peter and Paul) – Religious rites that culminate with a suggestive procession of boats at sea.
July 2nd: Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace) – Every year, gratitude towards the Virgin Mary is given for having liberated the country from an invasion of locusts.
September 22nd: San Maurizio, feast of the patron saint – a procession through the streets of the village with a traditional costume parade, escorted by knights on horseback.
August, Calici Sotto le Stelle (Goblets under the Stars) in Sant’Antioco
August 6th/7th/8th 2015,“LiberEvento” Cultural Festival – a series of events ranging from music, literature, theatre, paintings, and comics. For more information:
August/September, ARTango – program of events including Music, Dance, Art, and Taste
April 26th/27th 2015, XIII CusCusTabarkino Festival.

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