Beaches of Sant'antioco and Calasetta

The beaches surrounding the island of Sant’Antioco are among the most beautiful of the entire island: crystal clear waters, juniper trees, jagged cliffs, shallow water without currents, windy areas for surfing and kite surfing, sea bottoms ideal for snorkeling, hidden beaches, grottos, and small coves.
A feature of the island is the possibility to choose the beach that is most sheltered from wind, since the beaches are all located in different areas.
When the Maestrale or Libeccio winds blow in Calasetta, the area of Sant 'Antioco, in the south-east, is preferable, with the white sand beaches of CoeQuaddus (Horsetail) and Maladroxia at 8-10 km. from the town of Sant’Antioco. When, instead, the Levante or Scirocco winds blow, the beaches of Calasetta are to be preferred.
When the strong Libeccio wind blows, in particular at Spiaggia Grande, you can practice wind surfing and kite surfing.


Plage Sotto Torre (Under Tower Beach): at a walking distance from the town, with very low water for at least 20 metres, ideal for families, with coin-operated showers, sun bed, and umbrellas, and with a beautiful outdoor restaurant open for lunch and dinner.

Plage Le Saline (Salt Mine Beach): at 1.5 km from Calasetta, it can also be reached on foot or by bicycle, while you’re pampered by the wind and the scents of the Mediterranean. It has two entrances, the main one equipped with parking and the secondary one that crosses the stunning salt mine pond, a meeting place for pink flamingos.

Plage Grande (Big Beach): the largest beach in the town of Calasetta. To the left of the beach are the Tuna factory, where our famous tuna is processed. The beach has a bar where you can have a drink while listening to music and enjoy the most colorful sunsets of our island in front of a unique panorama!
These three beaches have parking, sun beds, umbrellas, bar, and showers.
For those who, instead, prefer “wilder” and “harsher” destinations, the Island of Sant'Antioco is full of cliff areas, most where you can also swim, such as the area of Nido dei Passeri (Sparrow's Nest) and Mangiabarche (Boat Eater), which are a very short distance from Spiaggia Grande.

Nido dei Passeri is a tall cliff emerging from the sea, where the more courageous can try diving from various heights into a crystalline sea with sea beds beyond compare. This is followed by a long, sheer coastline dotted with natural caves and with very picturesque surroundings, which can be visited by boat,
to then reach a Natural Pool, a portion of sea that is naturally surrounded and protected by cliffs, with its warm, calm waters, therefore, also suitable for children.
You can then reach two sandy coves (with coarser sand), Cala Lunga and Cala Sapone, between Calasetta and Sant'Antioco and cliffs, such as Is Praneddas, Cala della Signora, and Cala Grotta, marvelous sites that are proof of an uncontaminated nature.

Cala Signora : a small cove made up of flat rocks, perfect for those who do not like sand.

Cala Lunga : a very small beach visited by very few people and totally protected from the wind.

Cala Sapone : a small beach with rocks and pebble sand, with a very rustic and inexpensive restaurant that serves great grilled fish.

Maladoroxia : a beach in the town of Sant 'Antioco, protected from the wind.

Coequaddus : a beach loved by all, and very original in that it is divided in three parts: the first is very spacious, the second totally rocky, and the third is narrow and sheltered from the wind.
Other cliffs, better appreciated by boat, since difficult to reach by foot, are PortuSciusciau, with a large natural arch, and Portu e su drigu, a very impressive, high grotto.

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